Your Success
Is Our Satisfaction


Successful organisations view technology as a critical part of their business strategy - a critical input to improve business performance.
At CSA INTERNATIONAL, we understand the relationship between business success and technology. For this reason, CSA INTERNATIONAL EC, created ROSYSCOM for its private clients.

ROSY SCOM is a Software as Service (SAS) developed in collaboration with computer scientist for a permanent virtual connection between CSA INTERNATIONAL EC and its clients. Its main goal is to virtualize the relationship between Company and Accountant-making that relationship more efficient and therefore more productive for the company: everything will be done in near real time, anytime, anywhere: Council, exchange, consultation and treatment of documents and data.

The virtual office created by Rosyscom has several features that allow customers to archive all documents in format (PDF), exchange documents with his accountant (payroll data, expert opinion on the documents prepared by the company ...), ask questions, view the dashboard and follow the most important parameters of its activity.

Click here to access ROSYS COM.