Your Success
Is Our Satisfaction

CSA Extra :

Transmission :

The experts of CSA INTERNATIONAL accompany companies and assure their safety in the changes and mutations that may occur (alliance, acquisition, transfer, evaluation, financing, restructuration, financial difficulties, litigation and fraud). The experts’ goal is to create value and profit.

Techno-feasibility Studies :

CSA INTERNATIONAL EC can help you develop a clear, concise and compelling business plan that addresses the tangible issues head-on.
We can also help entrepreneurs to prepare techno-feasibility studies for new projects including conducting a market research or marketing research.

Our business plans will assist you in your efforts to:

• Secure a bank loan
• Raise investment capital
• Facilitate a merger or acquisition
• Impress joint venture partners
• Grow your business

Working Capital Management

For our clients contemplating starting or expanding their businesses, we are well connected with the major financial and lending institutions. We are well experienced in the preparation of feasibility studies, borrowing and equity capital proposals, customized reports and databases.

Our services include:

• Establishing credit management policies and procedures
• Defining and implementing action plans
• Obtaining credit & financing for your business through debt financing services, lease & asset-based financing, factoring & invoice discounting, trade credit, venture capital companies and private individuals